What is VOUdeals.com?

VOUdeals is a social shopping site where users can find, the best worldwide deals, offers and coupons for your online shopping. It is FREE to use!


Keep in mind that we are NOT an auction or retailer site, and we don't sell any products directly. We help you find the best bargains/deals out there, then send you to retailers' sites to purchase those products at their discounted prices.


What can I do on VOUdeals?

As a registered VOUdeals member, a business can submit deals and coupons. And if you're not a registered user, you can still browse our huge database of money saving deals and coupons.


Is VOUdeals free to use?

Yes! VOUdeals is FREE to use!


Does VOUdeals have email subscriptions?

Yes! In fact, we don’t send daily emails. To subscribe to "Deals and Coupons," enter your email at the very bottom of any page, and click Submit. To remove yourself from email subscriptions, click the link: "To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now." at the bottom of your email.


How do I submit a deal?

If you are a business and sells your products online, you must register with us. Once your business has been validated by our validation team you can submit your deals and coupons.


I just submitted a deal, and it’s not showing?!

If you are a newly registered store, all of your deal submissions will be moderated by the validation team, in order to prevent spam. If you are not a newly registered member and your deals still don't seem to be showing up, you can contact Technical Support.


How does a deal become a "Hot Deal"? Is there anything I can do to get my deal on the front page?

There are all kinds of factors used to determine what deals make it to the front page, including the number of shares and clicks a deal receives within a certain period of time. So when it comes down to it, if you'd like to see your deal on the front page, the best thing you can do is post a really good deal!


Why advertise your business on VOUdeals?

Our visitors are shoppers looking to make purchases in near future. They are loyal, not only to us, but to their favourite brands and stores.


What are custom alerts?

Custom alerts allow you to add alert list to your favourite stores. That way, if a deal or coupon is added on VOUdeals by your favourite store, you will be alerted immediately.


How do I ask a question?

Use the Contact Us Page to ask your questions to our support team.