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Clarria Cosmetics is a fast growing e-commerce natural and organic ingredient cosmetic company.


A Little About Us

A woman feels her best when she looks her best. We also believe that she feels her best when she’s assured that her cosmetics are completely safe to use. This common-sense philosophy has inspired the creation of the Clarria Cosmetics brand. We will not cheapen our products by sacrificing safety and quality in order to compete with numerous low-end and potentially harmful offerings. We believe that “user care” is much more valuable than “market share”.

We are also fully aware of the numerous cosmetic companies in the marketplace. We’ve seen the manner in which one is quick to duplicate what another is doing to the point that they are ultimately all the same. We prefer to be the industry leader with focus on providing high-quality, safe, and natural cosmetics, coupled with the absolute best customer service on the planet. Clarria refuses to be a follower, instead choosing to be your one-stop cosmetics shop by continually adding exciting and innovative beauty products designed to enhance both your look and your life. This is who we are, this is your assurance, and this is our commitment.

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